Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grand View Manor Apartments

This is an apartment complex off of State St (or is it 500 E?) by the old Tesoro gas station. It's one super long lot, so I had to break it up into two sections.

Will they ever pay me? I think I should start taking bets :).

Hinman Residence

Yet to be done in color... sorry fam.

Landures Residence

Perennials in color, below


Go here to see a sampling of the plants in their plant list!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Edwards Residence

Preliminary, backyard
Preliminary, front yard

Hawaiian Lei

Mil de Fleurs

Hospital Arrangement

Raised Garden Beds

My first experience with installing hardscape. Tip: DON'T START W/ FROZEN GROUND!!
Frozen earth breaks shovels!
And snow makes mud. And mud is hard to work with. Really hard.
Our team

The End.

Philbrick Residence

The first time I did this design, I was a freshman, and this was for my first class in the major. I seriously had NO IDEA what I was doing. Ha. I did the design in the commons room of the 4th floor in DT's 'T Hall'. I did it on one of those big folding plastic tables. And the measuring - I had one 25' tape measure. Haha!

These days: 25' tape measure; 300' tape measure; measuring wheel; glass design table; straight edge; underneath lighting; 125 chartpack markers; prisma color markers; colored pencils; sharpie, staedtler, micron pens GALORE; engineering and architectural rulers; triangles; french curve; flexible ruler; etc, etc, etc!!



I redid it for one of my last design classes. Ahh, so much better. And I think I've gotten even better since then, if I do say so myself.

Concrete Design

BYU Terraced Gardens

A little-known secret on campus is the Terraced Gardens (south and slightly east-ish of the FARMS buildings). Side note: BYU has a LOT of little-known secrets, and I used to love taking various (walking) scenic routes. Unfortunately, BYU is, or will be soon, demolishing the Terraced Gardens and "moving" them and the greenhouses over to somewhere near Kwanis Park. :(
I'm sure whatever they do over there will be lovely and amazingly beautiful. I'm just sad to see the Terraced Gardens go.

Saratoga Springs Elementary School

Somehow Saratoga Springs Elementary got our design class to draw up a design for their inner courtyard. This is my rendering of it.

Not a Real Park

Elevation Views

Wilkinson Center Garden Court

Plan View w/ an Elevation View for a new sheet waterfall

Elevation View of the opposite side of the courtyard

St. Claire Residence

Let's start with the design I am least proud of....
This design was one from my BYU days, for one of my design classes. We each had to do a rendering for the new teacher in our department.

I think I got in a design rut after having been out of the groove for 2 yrs and forgot how to make things loose and keep a good amount of white space. But I think towards the end of that semester I gradually worked my way out of it. Phew.